Accept credit cards, e-checks or ACH/bank transfers at low rates and get paid fast with S&S Bankcard Systems

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about credit card processing, merchant accounts and accepting credit cards from customers in your business.

Glossary of Terms

Q: How long does it take to set-up an account?

Using our secure and encrypted Digital Signature Application, we approve the vast majority of our submitted applications in under 24-hours. The process is simple:
1. We email you the application pre populated with your specific business information.
2. Digitally sign the application using your computer´s mouse and select submit.
3. The application is then securely sent to our underwriting department for review.

Q: How do I get paid?
Credit card sales are deposited directly into your checking account.

Q: How long does it take for the funds to be transferred to my account?
24-48 hours which is standard for all processors.

Q: Do I need a business checking account?
If your business operates as a corporation, yes, a business account is required. If your business is a sole proprietorship or partnership, the only requirement is that the individual or partners' name(s) must be on the check.

Q: When the terminal/software dials out for approval, am I charged any long distance or communication fees?
No, communication is all done on a toll free line.

Q: If I purchase equipment, how is the terminal shipped?
You choose the desired shipping method.

Q: Will I have 24-hour customer support?
Absolutely. At S&S Bankcard Systems, providing quality support for our customers is a top priority. Regardless of time zone, you will have 24-7 access to technical support.

Q: What if my terminal breaks down?
S&S Bankcard Systems will replace malfunctioning equipment free of charge. If it is determined that the terminal needs repairs, a replacement terminal will be sent within 24-hours. The replacement terminal will be the same model as the terminal being replaced. The terminal will be shipped to you programmed with your merchant account and ready for use. The replacement terminal will have passed thorough diagnostic tests assuring reliability, and will also carry a 6-month warranty. You only pay the shipping and handling charges. This charge will be billed directly to your account. The terminal requiring repairs will not be returned.

Q: Do I need a dedicated phone line?
No. Terminals have dual phone jacks. This gives you the ability to connect the terminal and other peripheral equipment (modem, phone, fax) to one line.

Q: Who installs the terminal?
We do not use outside sales' representatives. By doing this we can greatly reduce the price you, the merchant, must pay. The terminal installation process is very simple. You also receive toll free assistance and instructions

Q: Do I receive training?
When you receive the terminal you will find diagramed directions and the 800 number to our merchant training center. You will receive step by step instructions to give you the desired comfort level.

Q: How do I sign up for American Express and Discover Card?

American Express (no set up fees)
We will send you an application form for American Express unless otherwise requested. American Express requires separate approval. Upon approval, we will internally activate the account. All you do is sign the forms. The rates will vary depending on business type and average sale amount.

The following is the rate range you can expect. (Rates and fees for American Express are subject to change).

Retail - Average sale $150 or less = 3.25%
Average sale $150-249 = 3.10%
Average sale $250+ = 2.95%
Internet/Mail/Telephone order - $0- $4,999 total annual volume = $5.00 per month, flat fee.
$5,000 or higher annually volume = 3.5%

Discover Card (no set up fees)
We will forward your request directly to Discover. A Discover representative will contact you and discuss their program. Once a merchant number has been issued by Discover, we will add it to your file.